Malibu Pier

A piling from the Malibu Pier was knocked loose from the Malibu Pier on Tuesday afternoon during high surf conditions, leading California State Parks officials to close the majority of the aging structure.

Officials decided on the closure to avoid any potential safety risks to the public, said District Superintendent Craig Sap, as other pilings were knocked loose by the high surf. 

The closure, effective around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, stretches from the land-side Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar, which will remain open, through the end of the pier where the Malibu Farm Cafe and a souvenir shop are located.

Sap could not estimate when the pier would be reopened but confirmed the Farm Cafe and gift shop would have to remain closed as well.

"It may be through Friday," he said, though it will depend on when the high swells calm down. 

Conditions were extremely rough all day Tuesday, especially near the Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach, where a surfer drowned to death.

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Steve Woods

Being concerned of reports of a broken pipe on the Malibu pier , I called
State Parks to find out what they knew . I will paraphrase what I was told .
The pier was evaluated yesterday and was determined to be safe to reopen. The state is hoping to be open today around noon-3PM. A waste water pipe at the end of the pier was washed away by the heavy surf. However, since the pier had been closed several hours before this occurred it was empty as well as the material in the pipe that connected to the main system located near PCH. This was verified by a septic system contractor. The state officials have been told that no sewage from the pier went into the ocean. The LA County Health Department closed a section of beach next to the pier as a precaution and water samples have tested clean.
It was reiterated that the Pier septic system is a relatively new system and is continuously monitored by a contractor.
If anyone can has evidence or samples of raw sewage entering the ocean from the pier please contact the Los Angeles Health Dept . They are fed up with Malibu's detrimental waste water discharge policies

Wendi Dunn

Below is a text that was sent yesterday.

"Good afternoon;
This morning Environmental Health received a report from LA county Lifeguards of a broken sewer pipe at Malibu Pier. Based on this report, Environmental Health has declared a beach closure, 100 yards on either side of Malibu Pier. The amount of sewage entering the water is unknown at this time. Signs have been posted at Malibu Pier and will be posted at Surfrider. Notification of the closure has been posted on the Environmental Health Website and the telephone hotline and on the Los Angeles County Lifeguard's website, Watch the Water."

What I want to know is this. Where is heal the bay? Where is Surfrider? State parks and Baykeeper ? If it was another trout in the lagoon, they would have their pr person writing another national PR piece.


Here is the only link I can find that addresses the very serious health risks to anyone entering the surf or even the froth at the shoreline near the Malibu Pier. It's bad enough to have raw sewage directly introduced to the ocean but now we appear to have a veil of blindness worn by all the agencies that should be acting on the public's behalf. No signs up, just caution tape?

Steve Woods

"Leaking Septic systems ?"
That is funny
Septic systems are designed to leak into the earth , just hopefuly not directly into creeks , lagoons and oceans .
Holding tanks are designed to hold waste until pumped out and transported to a sewage treatment plant and are not supposed to flush into local water tables , oceans and creeks. If the holding tank has failed , it must be fixed or replaced so that no waste enters the environment unlike septics .Ask any local plumber in Malibu or worker for the Health Dept just how bad our 3rd world waste disposal systems are in MaliPhew .
I guess you have not read about the state soon replacing the BIG Dume stairs .


Malifornia is right on. Why did state parks let their old leaking septic get so bad that it literally dumped into the ocean? I guest they will blame that on the lagoon too. Well let's just hope they fix it right this time, along with the pilings and the stairs at point dume!!

Steve Woods

@ Ray,, hire you for what ? We are both private citizens and if we see a violation we report it like any good citizen whether it is a private or a state entity violation . If you have evidence of raw sewage entering the ocean it should be documented and reported as I have done with obvious failures that I have witnessed . I am not a spokesman for anyone Ray other than my own conscious. Hopefully you followed through with your discovery and made a detailed report to the City and better yet the Health Dept. . As far as I know the Adamson house and the pier have closed system holding tanks that have to be pumped by truck to avoid seepage of raw sewage into the adjacent geology and ocean but if a pipe broke ,that is a bummer that needs to be corrected ASAP . Wooden historic piers will always loose pilings no matter how many they replace especially when possibly the the biggest swell since 1975 goes crashing through them . If it is any consolation the pier was shut down and no one was using the plumbing facilities on the end of the pier .Meanwhile ,,,, how many privately owned coastal bluff leechfields were been eroded , scoured and washing into the ocean today ?


I was at the pier today around 9:30 and I overheard people talking about how the septic tank for Malibu Farm had been dislodged by the waves. Now I have heard that some surfers saw a new septic tank being installed early this morning. From the Malibu Times articles I see that approximately 10 pilings have been knocked loose. Why wouldn't they repair the pilings BEFORE installing a new septic tank? I thought this money had already been allocated? What have they been doing with it? It is also amazing to me that they cannot repair the steps leading down to Big Dume or any of the trails up on the headlands but they can jam a septic tank into a cage at the drop of a hat? Was that septic tank that fell into the ocean full?? Ewwwww


Are you suggesting that you are going to hire me for this?
This is an agenda that the state should have taken care of themselves a while ago. To ignore it and then have you be their spokesperson is heinous.

Steve Woods

Ray ,can you document it , take samples and take pictures of your alleged leak on the pier ?
This is your Erin Brockovich moment , Call in the journalist , cameras and bask in the glory of busting the State and while you are at it ,point out to the press about the hundreds of coastal bluff beachfront residents whose antiquated septics are seeping raw sewage from coastal bluffs into the sea from Malibu Road to Topanga
See you on TV tonite with your evidence , Ray Brockovich


Yeah while they have blamed everyone else they sat back quietly while thousands use the toilettes at the pier for decades also.


Well they need to fix. This excuse of blaming others while sitting quietly about the thousands who visit the pier is not ok. FIX IT

Steve Woods

Yes Ray , If true that the pier is leaking bathroom waste , it needs to get fixed ASAP ,,, Unfortunately hundreds of beach front septics have been " Leaking " into the ocean and causing illnesses with Surfers for decades and decades


While state parks is at it, maybe they could fix the bathrooms that are leaking into the ocean. And finally replace the pilings with the allocated money that they have been sitting on.

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