Bait Box

Anticoagulant rodenticides may become a thing of the past in Malibu, if Mayor Skylar Peak has his way. 

At Peak's suggestion, City Council is scheduled to discuss a citywide ban on rodenticides during Monday night's 6:30 p.m. council meeting at City Hall.

The rodenticides, which often come in the form of black “bait boxes,” are meant to kill rats and other rodents considered to be pests. However, they are now known to spread poison up the food chain to harm larger mammals.

Peak's suggestion comes 16 months after council adopted a resolution "urging businesses in Malibu to no longer use or sell anticoagulant rodenticides, urging all property owners to cease purchasing or using anticoagulant rodenticides on their properties in Malibu and committing the City of Malibu to not use anticoagulant rodenticides as part of its maintenance program for City-owned parks and facilities" in July 2013.

The proposed action would amend the Local Coastal Program (LCP) to ban the use of anticoagulant rodenticides within the City of Malibu altogether. 

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Steve Woods

So I am working on a job on a big estate just up above Rameriez Canyon where Red Tail hawks are circling around all day long scouting for rodents to prey on when a fancy van pulls onto the property with signage claiming to be a GREEN Exterminator .I went over and introduced myself because I was interested to see what Green methods this company used to keep Rodent populations down . I was blown away when the man told me that they were using Rodenticides .Just then a Red Hawk flew over . I pointed to the sky and informed him that his poisons could kill some of the best natural rodent controllers around along with killing owls , coyotes , fox , bobcats and Mountain Lions . He looked perplexed but sympathetic because he understood what I was saying and said he was just taking orders then proceeded to fulfill his service . I contacted the owners who thankfully stopped the service once I explained the dilemma.

We should ban everything that everyone does not like. This way everyone will be happy....hey that would be everything. Lets just ban the universe.


While I understand the sentiment behind this action, I cannot get behind it. I would ask a question of the Mayor:

What alternatives are you prepared to use to help mitigate the rodent population in our community?

Southern California is seeing an increase in vector-born diseases which include Lyme (and all associated tick born co-infections), Hanta, and many others. As a person who is currently in treatment for advanced Lyme disease, and knowing that mice, squirrels and other rodents are vectors for ticks, I have to speak up and say until the city comes up with an alternative method of mitigating the rodent problem, I cannot stand behind the Mayor's decision.

I am not unsympathetic to the rodents and food chain, but vector-born diseases are a proven fact and are debilitating. I would not wish Lyme disease on my worst enemy, no joke, and communities such as Malibu are going to begin seeing more and more cases of this and other vector born diseases carried by rodents and other animals.

mari stanley

Including professional pest control services too? What good is it when a customer can't purchase retail yet the wholesale remains available to the professionals/licensed purveyors of slow death?
I read reports warning deer hunters to avoid eating organ meats of their targets because anticoagulants are found in carcasses of wild deer populations too. It's long overdue to mount a larger campaign to protect what we still have before it's wiped out.

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