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Malibu's beaches provided a scenic summer escape for more than 7.4 million visitors this summer, according to the Los Angeles County Lifeguard and Fire authorities.

In a report provided to the City of Malibu, lifeguard officials estimate a total of 7,418,985 people sought out the Malibu sunshine and waves between May 25 and Aug. 19. 

Lifeguards and county fire authorities made a total of 2,056 rescues and responded to 2,043 calls for medical assistance. One of the major medical emergencies occurred over 4th of July weekend when a man was paralyzed after trying to dive into shallow beach waters.

In their report to the city, lifeguard officials also list a possible suicide attempt occurred in the Point Dume area on Aug. 9, though no further details were provided.

Malibu summer beach statistics overview (source: LA County Fire)

Attendance: 7,418,985

Public Information Contacts: 161,268

Rescue Preventions: 146,804

Ordinance enforcements: 38,249

Rescues: 2,056

Medical Assists: 2,043

Emergency Vehicle Responses: 1,495

Agency Assists: 368

Missing Persons: 121

Boat Warnings: 68

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Steve Woods

Malibu's ground water has already been challenged to absorb the waste water from our own residents in areas of high water tables but every summer our septics , Sand and ground water will have to absorb another 7.4 million who will leave behind an even greater number of flushings
Next year our sands and coastal bluffs will have to absorb an even greater number of flushers .

Steve Woods

Population of Malibu : 13,000

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