Proposed Hertz remodel

National car rental chain Hertz is slated to replace the former site of Budget Rent-A-Car in Malibu, according to building owner Jim Davidson.

Hertz is shooting for a Nov. 1 opening date, Davidson said, after Budget Rent-A-Car closed down at the end of August.

Davidson denied rumors of a lease dispute with Budget and said the economic downturn had hurt Budget's business significantly, with few locations on the west side near Malibu making rentals more challenging. 

"[Budget] no longer have a Santa Monica office, so Malibu became about an hour drive from their next nearest office at LAX [Airport]," Davidson said.

Hertz has big plans for Malibu, Davidson said, with possible exotic and antique car rentals in the works, in addition to typical rental services. The chain will also replace the old Budget sign with its own and hopefully install LED backlighting, he said.

Davidson has owned the property located just east of the Malibu Pier since 1985.

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This is great news! Very happy.


Hertz is a Global car rental company with locations on 6 continents.

Melissa Caskey

Marianne and Shaffiq - yes, I meant National operates across the country and did not intend to imply it was affiliated with National Car Rental. Sorry if the wording was confusing.

Marianne Riggins

perhaps the use of the word National was meant to state a company that operates across the country, not as in "National Car Rental"?


I was trying to fact-check the first sentence, and I couldn't find anywhere that Hertz is owned by National Car Rental. I believe they are a public company that was owned by Private Equity prior to going public?

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