Narrow path for bikers

A bicyclist traveling in west Malibu has a very narrow space to bike in as cars round PCH along a concrete barrier.

Ever since I was 4, I have known how dangerous Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu is. Now I am 8 years old and PCH is worse. I guess this problem is a lot more complicated than I thought, so I asked the help of my parents to produce this article with a video (located at left or by clicking here).

We rode along the Malibu coast to see the dangerous spots.

The PCH in Malibu has many bicycle traps. A new one is located in far west Malibu.

Due to the recent Springs brush fire that burned near west Malibu, Caltrans has installed a concrete barrier alongside the road, which is in some cases too dangerous for cars and bicyclists. Bicyclists get trapped. There is not enough room between the wall and the vehicle lane.

Be careful, bicyclists! 

I made a video to warn you guys. Check it out.

Duna DiVito is an 8-year-old from Malibu who loves journalism.

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Matt Horns

I only ride a bicycle on PCH when I have no other option to get from here to there. It is always a harrowing experience. As it stands now, and will most likely always be, PCH is not appropriate for recreation cyclists. Santa Monica Mountains has hundreds of miles of bicycle-appropriate roads and trails. When you want to cycle in the Santa Monica Mountains, please stay off PCH.


A smarter safer PCH would be awesome, I counted no less than four illegal U-Turns from the right Shoulder across two lanes and a median this past weekend. On one occasion we had to slam on our brakes or we would have T-Boned the family performing this illegal maneuver. Add bikes to the mix and the general ignorance of Stop Signs and and Traffic signals and the mess becomes nearly and sometimes fatal. I'm all for people getting out there and enjoying the coast, but there are Laws and Rules in place to protect them and us. I would like to see more enforcement for this and less for Parking. Just a thought and nice Job Duna.

Bob Purvey

Thank you Duna for making the video and alerting bicyclists. Glad you are being thoughtful.. You'll find a lot of people in this world don't care and just shout at people but its people like you that will make a difference. Thank you.


A Safer PCH...

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