From New Canaan, CT., to Malibu, CA. From wrapping robes in a lingerie shop during Christmas to designing multimillion-dollar celebrity homes. Elizabeth Lamont has made a name for herself as the proud owner of Room at the Beach, located at 3835 Cross Creek Road. 

“I think it is so important to be able to know what is going on in the world of art, literature and politics,” Lamont said. “They all shape our world so much and our homes are a reflection of that. I study where we have been, where we are and where we are going. It all is important for design. My store and design studio reflect that.” 

Lamont owned Room with a View in Santa Monica before closing that store and becoming the owner of Room at the Beach in 2005. Room at the Beach is a full-service home/lifestyle shop and design studio. Lamont and her employees design and build furniture in California, make slipcovers, drapes and carpets, and specialize in finishing a home. 

“We are the ‘friendly’ store and will do our very best to satisfy any request no matter how complicated,” Lamont said. “Need a house staged in two weeks? No problem. Company coming by the weekend and you need a new dining room and bedroom? We can do it.” 

Room at the Beach supports many local artists and works with them to create the perfect look for the perfect California home. Lamont has worked with many of the industry’s top talent in designing their homes. 

“The most exciting change in design in the past few years is the fantastic new, stain resistant fabrics that are available,” Lamont said. “The fabrics are soft and beautiful and are so durable. I call our new fabric collection the ‘Everlasting Collection.’ It allows clients the flexibility of having an all-white sofa and being able to enjoy your family sitting on the sofa, even enjoying a glass of red wine!” 

Lamont recalls going to a party once in a beautiful modern home, requesting a glass of red wine and being politely asked by the server to please finish her wine in one room only. 

“That’s crazy,” Lamont said. “Enjoy life, white sofas and red wine!” 

With a background in Russian history from Furman University, Lamont has traveled and shopped all over the world for more than 25 years. Lamont believes it’s important to let people know that design should be a fun and creative process. 

“A lot of people open all the home catalogs and just order from there, because they don’t know what else to do,” Lamont said. “It creates a limited look and I can’t tell you how many homes I walk into and they all look the same for that reason.” 

“I think the design process should be a collaboration of what a client wants and guidance from me to blend ideas,” she added. “I think people are afraid to say they have a limited budget. I work closely with clients to maximize the pieces they can afford now and make a future plan so we can complete their houses to become their dream home as they have more cash flow. It makes sense.” 

If she weren’t running Room at the Beach, Lamont would be a writer. She is currently a guest blogger at and has worked with Shriver on The First Lady’s Women’s Conference. Lamont has also blogged for e-How and enjoys writing about family. 

Lamont attributes her success to her parents for their continuous encouragement and style. Her priority is her 17-year-old twins. She loves to travel with them and show them the world. 

“I have traveled extensively and think education is the answer for all conflicts that plague our world,” Lamont said. “When you see people in their own environment and share a meal with them, you open up your world and theirs.” 

To learn more about Room at the Beach, visit

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