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Fins up for a cause

From the California Wildlife Center all the way to San Diego, locals celebrated our native species in various ways and at various locations through out the state this summer.

This year’s CWC Feathers, Flippers and Fur Picnic was deemed a success. 

“We raised more than $40,000 and our attendance was up from last year; I can’t wait until next year,” a CWC spokesperson told me.

Over at the Los Angeles Zoo, animal lovers enjoyed a stroll down lush, leafy grounds while enjoying ethnic music and exotic food. 

And for a day, it’s worth the drive, as we always have a wild time at the San Diego Zoo. It was a special year at the zoo out of all zoos across Southern California, with an emphasis on education and conservation. Animal Planet devoted a 10-hour series on the SD zoo’s residents large and small.


Speaking of lions and tigers and bears! From “The Lion King” to “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” or “Angry Birds 2,” it’s been a great summer for the movies. Fall is just around the corner, there are a few more to come. If you are a fan of Naomi Watts and Octavia Spencer, check out their movie “Luce.” It’s about an all-star student at the center of a racially drama-driven conflict.  

In “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” a Seattle woman with a seemingly perfect life goes through the paces in this comedy drama with Cate Blanchett, Billy Crudup and Laurence Fishburne. Written by Richard Linklater. 

Keira Knightly returns to the screen in a thriller called “Official Secrets,” about her freedom and marriage to stop an unjust war. Next, “Playmobil: The Movie”—this animated film features the voices of Daniel Radcliffe and Adam Lambert. “American Factory,” a documentary, takes a closer look at the city of Dayton, Ohio. It is about the opening of the Fuyao glass factory.

So, it’s been a mixed movie bag when it comes to this year’s summer flicks. There is a movie for most everyone, and if the end of summer movies has you down, do not fret, the fall movie season is right around the corner. 

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