Local authorities identified the 13-year-old girl who was hit and killed Saturday on Pacific Coast Highway as Emily Rose Shane.

Detectives said Shane was walking home from a friend's house along the 29000 block of Pacific Coast Highway when a driver in a Mitsubishi Lancer hit her.Deputies arrested 26-year-old Sina Khankhanian at the scene and booked him for murder. Investigators believe Khankhanian may have intentionally crashed his car into power pole, causing it to overturn and hit the teen.The Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's assistance in investigating this case.  They are asking that witnesses — pedestrians, drivers of other vehicles, etc.— who observed the accident and can give a description of the vehicle's behavior, to contact the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Station at 818.878.1808. The car was a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer blue four-door with the personalized license plate JOOGEE.

Lt. Dave Dolson of the Sheriff's Department Homicide Bureau said, "The collision may have been a purposeful action." The investigation will be ongoing, and facts will be presented to the district attorney.

—Jimy Tallal

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I never meet Emily Rose. But her story touches my heart. My sister lives in Maliibu and when my daughters were visiting her, the Shanes where so good to my daughters. They watched over them and treated them as they were own children. I googled Emily Rose's name trying to find out more about such a tragic event. I found a school annoucement that Emily Rose was requesting to be on the school committee enviromental support group. From the experience I had with the family and reports from the kind actions the Shane girls showed my daughters and with all this I have been grieving and I felt such a strong feeling that Emly Rose would not want this to happen to any other child, mother scrolling her baby, or grandfather, father walking to the market. All trying to think of the enviroment and walking in there community to think of the people of the future and save the enviroment. With this thought I realize this area does not have a side walk and if there was a safely rail there to protect children and families walking in there cily then possibly this tragic lose would not have happened. Is there sign stating the speed limit? Is the speed to fast with nothing there to protect our innocent, loving kind children that are trying to get around in there commuity. Could there be a fund to start a rail? Maybe I am wrong and there is a sidewalk. I just feel Emily Rose would want something to protect others. Well these are my thoughts of a great lose of a young girl who wanted to do so much to help the world. Think you for having a place for me to express my feelings. Sincerely, Sharon


What a shame. Her best friend made a heart touching video on youtube. Type in Emily Rose Shane and celebrate this young girls life one last time.

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