Sam Levinson

"The 26-year-old army vet from Reseda considered blowing up a synagogue, or Christians, or the Santa Monica Pier and finally settled on a right-wing rally in Long Beach."

Are you being serious right now? He literally plotted to attack a white supremacist rally. HOW DARE Y…

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"According to DMV statistics, about 50 percent fail the written test when they take it for the first time. Some of this is most likely due to irrelevant and poorly written questions."

How about the number of non english speakers who take the test. Solution: do not give driv…

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Than God for patriots like Mr. Stewart. Hit the nail right on the head. But the comment above by Jon Right shows that TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is alive and well! Sad! Time for the democrats to MOVE ON

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This has to be a joke, right? Kind of like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

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"We have only until 2030 to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions to prevent runaway global warming costing hundreds of trillions, leading to “global economic collapse,” followed by “societal collapse” [IPCC, National Academy of Sciences, US Climate Assessment reports, 2018]. The Green …

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no -- it's how people who do not live in NYC, DC, LA, SF feel. i.e. most of the country.

Does anyone know if the shooter is an illegal?

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voting no

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"to give homeowners over the age of 55 an unneeded additional tax break," says the millionaire from Malibu.

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Well, it concerns me. And no, i am not going to stop talking about him. God Bless President Donald Trump #MAGA