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Thank you Scott for the TRUTH! No matter which political party anyone is with we must deal with the facts as stated in this letter to resolve the serious problems our city and state are facing. These politicians must be held accountable for their actions.

Thank you for the TRUTH, Scott!

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We should be voting “NO” on all of these tax measures. We pay the highest taxes in the country, Our government officials just tax and spend, tax and spend again and again instead of using the money properly and they must be held accountable.

They should immediately start cleaning the bathrooms on a regular basis at Solstice Canyon, the bathrooms there are DISGUSTING. There is no excuse for the terrible condition they are in. This is totally unacceptable.

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I canceled my subscription to the L.A. Times many years ago for the same reasons. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it!

Wish Joe Edmiston's history he should be removed from his position immediately.
He behavior is disgraceful, totally unacceptable and egregious.

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You are an inspiration to us all! xxoo Sharon Sharp (Kelley)

Thank God the Senate finally named our state dinosaur, what took so long?
I can't believe they would spend one minute of their time on this considering everything out state is contending with at this time. [angry]

Thank God we finally have our state dinosaur named! 🙄

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Thank you Pamela for a voice of reason and for speaking the truth.