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Congressman Raul Grijalva is hoping to be remembered as our generation's McCarthy.

Thank you Ryan. You've always been a grat neighbor and a credit to the community

Paul Grisanti commented on Garage Fire Breaks Out in Malibu Colony

jjj, That would be coal primarily in this area since San Onofre is shut down.

Paul Grisanti commented on Garage Fire Breaks Out in Malibu Colony

Was there an electric Car charger involved? Hybrid battery pack?

Well said.

Paul Grisanti commented on PCH Closure Slashes Business Revenues

Perhaps you could drop a note in the paybox explaining what you paid in State taxes last year. I'm sure that would make a big difference.

Every new ordinance or requirement adds to the cost of doing business to the Landlord. Most commercial leases allow that to be passed along to the Business owner and is finally passed along to the Customer.
Try and remember that the next time the Feds, State or City want to impose one …

Paul Grisanti commented on PCH Closed Through February, Maybe Longer

In past highway closures Caltrans received approval to dump debris into the ocean where wave action was able to reduce it to the sand we all desire more of.
Is this being considered?
Are they planning to truck the debris to a landfill far away?

Joe Edmiston has done everything possible to bring visitors to the falls and does everything to imply that it is public land.

Visitors constantly destroy the private property signs and the "ranger" does noting to cite violators or replace the signs.

The Conservacy is …

Paul Grisanti commented on Kindergarten Numbers Drop in SMMUSD

Basic economics. Six years ago economy was in the toilet and people were uncertain of the future so they put off having children.