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Since the questioning of a Malibu Counciember’s residence location and the search of his place of business are unprecedented, one might ask who prompted the action and why. And it is most desrespevtful to refer to Councilman Wagner’s longstanding partner as his girlfriend. Your prejudice is …

People might enjoy knowing that round about 1972 Malibu architect Frank Hendler asked the Malibu Park Jr. High School student council if they would like to start a bus line so they wouldn't have to hitch on PCH. Yes was the reply. Frank donated $800. The students rented a bus, bought insuran…

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Mary Frampton was a superstar staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, and lived in Malibu.

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An ESHA is an ESHA is an ESHA. Joe knows that. Christie knows that. We know that. The California Coastal Commission knows that. Let's get busy providing recreational opportunities on flat land where it's not so windy and ESHA will not be disturbed. We have had many years to do that and it's …

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"They" should read Nobel Prize recipient Princeton University economist Krugman in the New York Times for a different view.

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Yes, Everyone should be knowledgeable and take care of ourselves at all stages of life. And I am ashamed to be part of a democracy where the largest part of the GDP is in the armaments business. I am ashamed to be part of a country where more is spent on killing machines than on health care.…

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Yes, Mr. Ringe. I believe your plan would be in the best interests of those properties and businesses in the vicinity of Malibu Creek and the Malibu Creek floodplain. Steelhead have been quite happy in the lower creek for as long as I can remember.

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One would imagine the Malibu Beach Inn Coastal Commission consent involved parking space requirements. Has anyone looked into that?

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If I were among those amazingly wealthy motion picture and television industry moguls living in the Malibu Colony I would get together with my neighbors to form a consortium to own and manage the Malibu Cinema or perhaps provide incentive for the Laemmle Chain. But I'm not.

Trancas Field is the only Malibu owned patch of historic Adamson dairy grazing land. A plain wood fence, a placque memorializing that use of the land, and a few decomposed granite pathways for walkers to enjoy the sea views would be enough. Not long ago shepherds brought sheep or goats to Ma…