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I can drive pch any night of the week and find a drunk driver somewhere. Sheriff's cruise all the time, they know this. Yet after all the big hullabaloo of a checkpoint they come up with maybe one DUI. If we set up checkpoints in office buildings for white collar business crimes that wou…

Well look, you've got a recently formed city like Malibu... formed on the premise that suburban culture and amenities should stay in the suburbs, while country-style living would remain the primary stewardship of rural Malibu. So why move there, raise kids, then expect that things like subu…

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turns out the President is right about Sweden, while Swedish attitudes and the media are in deep denial.

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All that delay and hullabaloo for 1/2 % success rate ? seriously.

I can catch 3 DUI drivers just cruising along PCH on any night of the week... in front of me, along side, behind me. The sheriffs know this.

No.... checkpoints are bogus. We should not get comfortable allowing …

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Gee Vikki, let's have Malibu re-write their MISSION STATEMENT to include your cheap-thrill memories of useless stores. I bet you haven't eaten, rented movies or bought crappy electronics since they left.

You poor thing.

What kind of nincompoops get 'excited' by big-box monstrosi…

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What nonsense... who would subscribe to this kind of ill logic ? ... oh yeah, city folk.

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I love the book and I can tell you for a fact that the information here is powerful, life-changing and worth putting into practice in whatever ways you can !

June really knows the way to vibrant, strong and resilient health, and reminds us that our bodies and minds are capable of this …

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well said !

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not fear but prudence... this 'Whole" plan is a bunch of green-wash crap for a commercial area that is not needed and represents nothing in the way of future-proofing and progressive, imaginative, creative thinking... you know, the stuff that's needed now more than ever ?

a big bo…