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Just a thought... Diane, do you think that someone who saw combat in the Viet Nam war would risk activating their PTSD from watching "They Shall Not Grow Old"?
I had reaction to Blackhawk Down, but I'm a history buff.

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From what I understand, the property to the west of the civic center where the Chili Cook-Off was held, is owned by the City of Malibu.
Why not move the Farmer's Market over to a portion of that lot.
Yes, the area isn't paved, but that would make the Farmer's Market that more rustic,…

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Your letter to the editor shows that you were never involved in the Viet Nam war as a participant. Your verbiage is showing that you support a person who evaded military service 5 times using his family's wealth, instead of patriotism.
Yes, there were those who sought to avoid military …

Where is the recycled water going to be used? A suggestion may be to use it for agriculture to plant something in the empty lot south of City Hall.

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Please address your concern to the local CHP Office that services the area (West Valley CHP). The reason for addressing the CHP is that they allot the funds for DUI Checkpoints.
In the last few years, the funds allotted to our local law enforcement agency has allowed the funding of only…

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The small minded view of some in the community is not shared by all. The Damned Dam has blocked not only the native fish in our mountains, it has blocked the sand from replenishing our beaches. Why should we have to spend millions in order to dredge up the seafloor to replenish the beaches…

You know that this is the same day as the Malibu Nautica, and the traffic will be quite heavy.