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The Planning Commission on Monday, April 15, delivered its final “no” vote to the controversial request from the owners of the beachfront Mali…

Malibu and other high-fire risk areas in California will have their electricity turned off when dangerous Santa Ana winds approach, under a de…

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Andy Choka is city planning commissioner John Mazza. He is hiding behind a fake name. Now just whom is playing politics????

I will take the heat - striking a blow for less noise ... less smog ... less traffic in Malibu. Guilty.
FACT: 200-plus cars were parked last show, all over PCH, all the way up Trancas Cyn Rd, and all over the neighborhood. Fire lanes blocked.
FACT: On Sunday car show mornings, car…

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Shame on you. It is comments like this that make all of us in Malibu look like selfish idiots to the rest of the world. .

This post was corrected - an early morning edition said the school board meeting is tonight - it is THURSDAY night.

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Are you freaking serious? What a whiny and embarrassing letter. It was a Sunday night. Maybe the journalists were tired from having covered "the swearing in of “The Three Amigos,” the Woodie Parade, Johnny Strange’s legacy, a press conference in Beverly Hills about the film “Passenge…

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The reality is very simple. Any PCH plan that restricts visitor parking at the beach is DOA. Malibu residents must come up other solutions,

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Eight years for mates? I'm on year 40 with mine! I demand a recount.

Congratulations to Judy Abel at the Malibu Times for seeing through the smokescreen.

I wasn't done!

There once was a girl from Agoura
Who some felt could see right through ya.
Her gaze was austere
Her language quite clear.
Buzz off, or I'll skewer ya!

Make check payable to my wife, please.

There once was a girl from Agoura
Who some felt could see right through ya.
Her gaze was austere