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How many cars will be accommodated. looks like a lot of cement. Don't believe this is a good plan next to the Costal Evacuation Route PCH. Bad enough students from Pepperdine will be trapped not to mention the general population. I hope Malibu does not make this "Park" for the…

It looks like a great deal of cement and parking. How many parking spaces are being constructed on this site which will clog already busy PCH which is the designated Costal Evacuation Route. Can't imagine this can get passed.
The sneaky owners know it's not an easy sit to develop.

I know the Weinthrabs are eager to make money on the sensitive site but at what coast to the community? One bad greedy proposal after another.

Looking forward to walking along the beautiful dunes and oceans
along Broad Beach. Zuma Beach has become to populated. Sand replenishment Is not new. If not look what happens. One of the many reasons man is here is to be good stuarts
of the land.

Can't wait to be able to walk on Broad Beach Zuma beach is to populated. Sand
Replenishment is connon. If not look what happens. Being good Land Stuart's is one of the many
reasons we are here.

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Agreed Sarah.

Malibu needs professional that work on this full time to keep Malibu safe [thumbdown]

Malibu needs professional dealing with this dangerous issue.

All of the comments are reactionary and after the fact. Malibu needs a real plan that insures its residents that all is being done before hand to keep Malibu safe from fires and outages.

Again, never resolved & poorly managed. Out come the useless mangers/spokes people while Malibu sits at risk. Malibu need professionals managing this issue not amateurs.