If somebody wrote in to complain about the judicial rulings of the “liberal Jews” on the U.S. Supreme Court, the underlying anti-Semitism of that criticism would be obvious. Likewise, William McCarthy’s screed last week against the “conservative Catholics” on the high court was classic anti-Catholic bigotry. Current justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan are progressive jurists who believe the Constitution should be less restrictive and more reflective of modern life. That is why they vote the way they vote. It has nothing to do with their “Jewishness.”

Chief Justice John Roberts (really a moderate) and his four conservative colleagues (including Protestant Neil Gorsuch) are originalists. They view the Constitution as a brilliant founding document not to be re-imagined or tampered with. Judicial philosophy—not religion—is what drives their decisions. 

I personally oppose the Texas abortion law and am certain it will be declared unconstitutional once it winds its way through the lower courts. In the meantime, self-righteous true believers will continue to demonize and try to destroy anyone who doesn’t completely agree with every aspect of their agenda.

Austin Hardy

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