Letter to the Editor

Regarding your recent front page pic of pro-COVID, anti-life lunatics demonstrating (inconveniencing motorists) at the pier ...

Three quick questions:

1. Why does the Beatles Channel on Sirius XM play so much of Ringo’s music?

2. Why would a company called Shift TV, or any company for that matter, allow closeups of the actor Martin Starr in its commercials?

3. Finally, why would an employment-averse, pretend patriot with time on his or her hands, waving a faux (Trumper) American flag as a provocation, think that he or she can stand in front of my car at a stoplight? While representing a treasonous death cult? While ignoring scientific fact and irrefutable statistics (U.S. COVID deaths: 750K-plus; vaccine deaths: 0)? Without becoming martyrs for history’s far-and-away most stupid cause?

None of this makes any sense to me. Maybe it wasn’t meant to. 

Bob Yates


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