In response to “From the Publisher: Odds & ends” published May 27

In your column last week you addressed the disappearance of the water from Legacy Park. The only source for water in the pond is runoff from the surrounding 330 acres. With the lack of rain and the improved control of irrigation in this area, there is no other source for water. I addressed the possibility of using the title 22 treated water from the wastewater treatment plant when the plant was being designed, but state regulations did not allow it at that time, even though the water is being used for irrigation of Bluffs Park. That would certainly be a way to keep the pond full during the dry season and should be revisited. One additional and misunderstood aspect of the purchase, construction and maintenance of the park is the cost. Since the acquisition of the park included three commercial establishments, the income exceeded the total cost of debt service and maintenance until recently. Even today with the slowdown in retail and the loss in rent from the Lumber Yard, the annual cost has been between $40,000 and $300,000. Not an exorbitant price for a lovely park!

John Sibert

Former Malibu Council Member

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