The July 22, 2021, issue of The Malibu Times seems to have re-published articles which were written in the 1970s about fires at homeless encampments. Again, the articles about fires being “sparked” at Topanga are incendiary in nature, since the exact same fires were “discovered” in the exact same locations in the 1970s.

The fires are being lit intentionally because they are trying to drive the homeless out of Malibu; the rest is mob rules, apparently, as fear-mongering, coupled with innuendo and misdirected hatred toward poor people, will once again rule the day as homeless people get muscled around in Malibu, bolstered by the fascist propaganda being re-printed in The Malibu Times.

Please stop re-printing articles which were written in the 1970s and published in the 1970s. Please stop printing r—arded letters to the editor like Scott Dittrick had published in the July 22, 2021, Malibu Times. Golden Dawn, indeed!

Timotheigh Lusk Alcorn

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Sharon Sharp

Look in the mirror darling, YOU are the fascist.

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