The Wolfgang Puck saga in Malibu may not be over, as the renowned chef recently confirmed he was back in talks with Malibu real estate guru Larry Ellison with the hopes of opening a seafood restaurant in Malibu.

Last month, an architect who works for Ellison told The Malibu Times the chef had no plans to open up shop at the vacant remodeled restaurant owned by Ellison next to Nobu restaurant in Malibu.

But in next week's issue of Haute Living, Puck says despite being on the outs for a while with Ellison, a possible deal is back on the table.

His envisioned restaurant would be "on the beach in Malibu," Puck said. 

"We would serve great seafood simply prepared, really simple, but of high quality. We just started to talk about it," Puck told the magazine. "I was supposed to do the restaurant a year ago and then I backed out, but we're talking again. We're in the early stages."

It's unclear whether Puck has the mystery space next to Nobu in mind. Last month, the restaurant space was approved to serve breakfast despite not being currently occupied. 

Puck has prior experience in Malibu. In 2005, Puck and his business partner decided not to renew their lease for Granita Malibu, an undersea-themed restaurant that became a staple of the Malibu Colony Shopping Plaza for nearly 15 years. 

The restaurant's food, as well as its fantastical design, drew many locals and was the scene of many parties and events before it shuttered. 

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Wiliardi Kotram

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Good eye, zumajim. The article has been updated to correct the typo.

James McGowan

"before it shuddered"

The check at Granita used to make me shudder back before the place shuttered.

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