Topanga Canyon Boulevard

A male cyclist was hit by a vehicle on Pacific Coast Highway and Las Flores Canyon, according to the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

The incident occurred on Saturday, Sept. 13 at 12:30 p.m. near Topanga State Beach, according to Sgt. Covarrubias.

The victim suffered "scrapes to the right elbow and arm and was airlifted to UCLA medical," Covarrubias said.

No further information was made available.

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Hans Laetz

Henry, thanks for the note. Although PCH is owned by the state, Caltrans has found it's better in many cases to let local municipalities take the lead on safety improvements. Caltrans, the City and Matro are cooperating on designing safety improvements for PCH, and 21 years after cityhoof the City is widening PCH (at Guernsey).

The current and immediate past City Councils have aggressively pursued money to ascertain the problem, prioritize improvements, and build.

Strangely, the first project was out west, which is the safest part of PCH. My opinion is the prior city council chose that because it was low hanging fruit.

Whatever. Time to fix the Las Flores hazards. The last substantive safety improvement there was in 1964, when the turn lanes were striped, according to the archives.

Paul Grisanti

Does anyone else find it confusing that the location is describes as "near Topanga State Beach"? The intersection of Las Flores and PCH is about half way between the Malibu Pier and Topanga State beach.

Henry Exhaust

@Hanslaetz, Respectfully, The PCH roadway is the responsibility of CALTRANS. Maybe the City of Malibu could strongly suggest that our state representatives address the problem there.

Susan Tellem

Scrapes on his arm and he was airlifted to the hospital? Who paid for that?

That is a blind curve combined with no room for cyclists and autos. The cars from Dukes on both sides of PCH takes up any potential room for a cyclist to get out of the way. Autos traveling NB/WB hits that intersection with no time to avoid a cyclist. Drivers cannot make a right turn out of Las Flores due to the curve, and Cosentino's does not provide any escape either.

So, what do we do? Get rid of Dukes or Cosentino's? Or get rid of autos? Maybe we tear down the homes on Las Flores Mesa and excavate the hill to make room for a bike lane. Should we fill in the shoreline and move Dukes over the water to make room for a bike lane?

Maybe we just get rid of humans altogether. They are always causing problems.

Hans Laetz

That intersection is, according to the sheriff, the scene of more crashes than any other in Malibu.

That is where the City should start on safety improvements.

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