SMC rendering

An architectural model for the new Santa Monica College—Malibu Campus

Santa Monica College (SMC) is now offering free enrollment for 2018 graduates of select schools, including Malibu High School, with its new college promise program. New, full-time students of SMC with eligibility have the opportunity to take fall and spring classes for free and receive up to $400 for textbook expenses with a California College Promise Grant.

There are specific eligibility specifications that a student must reach in order to qualify for SMC’s new program. The students are eligible for a program if they’ve graduated in 2018 from one of the qualified high schools and are attending the college as a first-year student. Additionally, the student must take 12 units or more both semesters, and have California resident or AB 540 student status.

Malibu High School, Olympic Continuation High School and Santa Monica High School are the only eligible Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District schools for this program, in addition to Santa Monica private schools such as Crossroads and New Roads. 

By providing free enrollment classes and vouchers, SMC hopes to encourage students to achieve their academic goals, as said on its website. The college also provides other resources for those attending such as counseling support throughout the year and priority enrollment in classes. Under the Promise Program, SMC provides additional financial support by paying for an Associated Students membership, health and student ID fees.

According to, the average in-state tuition is around $1,136--not including various health and supplies fees. The Promise Program hopes to eliminate that financial stress for students while supporting them in other areas in order to help them achieve their academic goals.

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