A vehicle parked oLas Tunas Beach was brokeinto and the window was smashed. The victim parked his vehicle, walked to the shoreline and uporeturn, aestimated $2,975 worth of miscellaneous items were stolen. There were no security cameras available for evidence. 


Beach theft

AApple Watch worth $548 was stoleoParadise Cove Beach. The victim laid their personal belongings othe sand, went swimming and uporeturn, her watch was missing. The victim said due to the large crowd she was unable to locate any witnesses. There were no security cameras available for evidence.  



AiPhone and wallet containing $110 cash were stolefrom a vehicle parked near Topanga State Beach. The victim left the key underneath the wheel and uporeturn, the vehicle was brokeinto and ransacked. The victim was later notified of aunauthorized purchase made at aApple store of aestimated $11,749 and a purchase of $6,055 at a Nordstrom idowntowLos Angeles.


Credit fraud

A wallet and iPhone was stolefrom a vehicle parked oMalibu Road. The victim hid the key above the driver side tire and uporeturthe key was missing and his vehicle was ransacked. The victim was later notified of a withdrawal of $19,000 from his account, and a $4,500 purchase at aApple store and $4,700 at a Bloomingdale’s. 



AiPad Pro was stolefrom a property oHeathercliff Road. The victim’s master bedroom sliding door and window screewere damaged. The victim had security cameras but they were not working during the time of the incident. The sliding door was estimated to cost $2,000 to repair. 


Bottle theft

Aestimated $525 worth of wine bottles were stolefrom Vintage Grocers. The management noticed numerous bottles of alcohol missing from the shelves, reviewed the store’s video surveillance and noticed two suspects placing nine bottles of alcohol into different bags. The suspects were seepurchasing a Pop Tart with cash but not the wine bottles. The manager provided the deputy with a flash drive with the surveillance video of the suspects for further investigation.



A designer bag and two iPhones worth $2,200 were stolefrom a vehicle parked near Topanga Beach. The victim left his key ia surf rack othe roof of the vehicle and uporeturn, the key was missing and his vehicle was ransacked. 

Petty theft

A vehicle parked near Rey De Copas was brokeinto and ransacked. The victim said she left her vehicle unlocked and the windows down, stepped away for five minutes, and returned to see her vehicle had beeransacked. Her wallet containing $200 was missing from the front passenger seat. 

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