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A proclamation was issued Monday by the Malibu City Council supporting the safe movement of dolphins and whales off the coast of Malibu. 

“Protecting our oceans is a basic value in Malibu that was set from our founding in 1991,” said Mayor Joan House. “As a council, we feel it is important to support measures that enhance, conserve and promote the quality of life of our ocean’s systems and marine life.”

The proclamation encourages responsibility from the public toward local marine life. The full text reads as follows:

Whereas, whales and dolphins are known to be highly intelligent and emotional creatures that live in families and other social groupings, associations that last for most, if not all, of their lives and therefore deserve the right to their own freedom and lives; and

Whereas, the City of Malibu has a long history of supporting efforts to protect marine life, including the adoption of Resolutions in 1992, 1993 and 1994 that called for the strengthening of the Marine Mammals Protection Act, encouraged continuing cooperative efforts of governmental and civic organizations to improve the safety of the Santa Monica Bay, Catalina and Channel Islands regions for cetaceans, and urging the International Whaling Commission and its U.S. delegation to recognize whales and dolphins as living cultural resources; and

Whereas, it is every individual’s responsibility to ensure that these magnificent creatures are protected in their natural environment to avoid the psychological and physiological harm and high mortality rates found in those living in captivity.

Now, Therefore, be it resolved that the Malibu City Council Supports the free and safe passage of all whales and dolphins in our coastal waters and encourages citizens of the world to do all within their power to protect them and preserve the oceans in which they were destined to spend their lives.

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Matt Horns

While hiking Point Dume and Zuma Beach ten years ago we observed seven species of marine mammals within a two-hour time period: harbor porpoises, harbor seals, two species of dolphins, two species of sea lions, and even a sea otter. In my opinion, this fabulous marine life seems worthy of protection and discussion. Other opinions can also be considered valid,.

Matt Horns

I do not find this resolution either "frivolous" or "worthless."

Not long ago several sea lions were shot to death along Malibu's coast. It seems like a good idea to discourage such actions.


I find it humorous to see another frivolous proclamation from the council which accomplishes nothing other than to say please look at us here in Malibu. If they really wanted to make a difference they would simply restrict the over development of our coastline instead of making worthless proclamations that serve no useful purpose other than to make themselves feel good.

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