City Council Honors Point Dume Fifth Graders

The Malibu City Council on Monday, Feb. 10 presented a group of Point Dume fifth-graders with a city commendation for their work in getting an annual trip to SeaWorld cancelled after viewing the controversial "Blackfish" documentary.

You're never too young to make a difference, and the City of Malibu on Monday night recognized a group of Point Dume Marine Science School students who took those words to heart by speaking out against a field trip to SeaWorld.

"With the support of their families and teachers, the students were successful in changing their field trip destination to Santa Barbara...showing that children can make a difference in protecting the world's marine life," said Mayor Pro Tem Skylar Peak while presenting a city commendation to 10 students from Point Dume.

Led by student Kirra Kotler, a group of Point Dume fifth-graders spoke out against an annual SeaWorld trip after the documentary "Blackfish" was released. The trip was cancelled in December and the fifth-graders will instead travel to Santa Barbara and go on a whale-watching excursion.

"I'm very proud of the fact that you had the courage to bring this up to your classmates and teachers," Councilman Lou La Monte told Kotler.

For Kotler's short acceptance speech, see video at left. 

"Blackfish" tells the story of a massive orca whale named Tilikum, a male with a history of aggression that killed a trainer at the Orlando SeaWorld theme park in 2010. Prior to the 2010 incident, Tilikum had already been associated with the deaths of two other people. 

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Wally World

TPC666 - I was surprised yours was deleted, too, since there was nothing offensive in it. I am wondering if the censor - Melissa? - thought you were me and deleted you, too. I don't know.

I am proud of these kids. They will change the world. But they must, must stay strong against those who attack them and call them names like "sheeple."


If you're going to selectively censor comments then please by all means shut them down.

Melissa Caskey

Hi everyone-
This story was intended to highlight a recognition received by a group of local youngsters. Please don't make me shut down the comments and take away from the students written about here. No matter your opinion of "Blackfish," I would hope you could respect these kids for standing up for something they believed in.

Wally World

If this film, was inaccurate then the all mighty SeaWorld would be suing every person in the film. The deaths of trainers are FACTS. The distress these giant mammals go through when they are removed from their pods and placed in captivity is an INDISPUTABLE FACT.

And jjj - There are NUMEROUS grammatical errors in your comment. And there is an incredibly insulting misogynistic insult to stay at home moms in there. Neither am I one, nor is it appropriate for you to call anybody one as an insult.

Malibutimes, you need to censor jjj and remove his comment, if you're going to remove mine.


It's unfortunate the students watched a movie and decided that was truth before investigating the other side. A good school would instruct the students to research both sides of the story and then make a decision. We've heard seaworld say this expose is full of inaccurate information - did these students find out what those were? Two sides to every story.

Wally World

jjj - It is those who go to Seaworld and think these animals are just big, happy, play things who are enjoying their captivity in swimming pools, who are the sheeple. Maybe you outta see the documentary before you call people names.

Hey, kids, you might want to check out the local Ralphs. They are promoting Seaworld right now. Sick.

Natalie Mann

Malibu is so, so proud of you kids.

I have not watched the documentary. The article fails to describe the documentary, comment on the documentary with respect to its accuracy an offer a opposing suggestion (removing any potential bias), and subsequently explain the cause for boycotting the theme park.

Good reporting!!!

Do either Peak, La Monte, the parents of the students, or the students themselves even have a fundamental basis on what they are boycotting? Or do they just watch and listen to a small box and believe everything they see on the black box? "Sheeple" anyone?

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