Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between May 22 -31:


Card swipe

A vehicle parked at Topanga State Beach was broken into and ransacked. The victim went surfing and, upon return, the hidden key fob was missing from the rear wheel and an estimated $4,450 worth of electronics, $80 in cash and multiple credit cards were stolen. The victim received a notification that a $2,000 purchase was made at a retail store. 



Vehicle theft

A vehicle parked at Nicholas Beach was broken into and an iPhone and wallet were stolen. The victim said the suspect broke into the vehicle with the lock box they left under the wheel. The victim later received a notification of an estimated $9,400 purchase at a Nordstrom and Bloomingdales at the Beverly Center.



Grand Theft

A catalytic converter worth $1,000 was stolen from a vehicle parked on PCH near Sweetwater Canyon. The victim saw a blade near his vehicle and saved it for evidence. There were no security cameras available for evidence.




A vehicle parked on PCH was vandalized and the window was smashed. The victim said he saw a suspicious person near his vehicle but there was no video of when the incident occured. The victim said nothing had been taken; however, the passenger rear view mirror was estimated to cost $50 and the window was estimated to cost $1,000 to replace. 




A vehicle parked at Ventura County Line was broken into and a wallet, iPhone and $700 in cash were stolen. The victim had his items hidden underneath clothing in the front passenger seat. The victim said he was unsure how the suspects entered his vehicle since there were no damages made. 



Petty Theft

A vehicle was broken into at Nicholas State Beach and the victim’s credit cards were stolen. The victim buried the key fob under the sand and went surfing with his friends and, upon return, the key fob was stolen and his vehicle was ransacked. The victim said the suspect made a purchase at a Home Depot in Thousand Oaks for $1,600. A second charge of $1,000 was denied. 


$700 worth of power tools were stolen from a property on Latigo Canyon Road. The victim said they were contacted by their gardener that the tools were stolen from the shed including an extension cord, power saw and blower. There were no security cameras available for evidence. 

Mail Theft

A suspicious person was caught on camera breaking into a mailbox and stealing the victim’s mail. The suspect was wearing all black; however, due to the low quality of the recording, they were unable to get a more detailed description. 



Grand theft 

A vehicle parked at Zuma Beach was broken into and an iPhone, credit cards and multiple payroll checks were stolen. The victim said the payroll checks were estimated at $2,930. The victim later received a notification of a $4,000 charge to his credit card at Nordstrom in Canoga Park. The victim was also informed that an unknown transfer was made from his business account of $15,000. The key fob was estimated to cost $300 to replace.

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