Forget the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge or crop circles — Malibu has apparently been the center for the comings and goings of aliens from our planet for the past 40 years.

The recent discovery of an offshore, underwater “alien base” between Point Dume and Point Mugu on Google Earth photos has further solidified the town’s reputation as a vortex of UFO activity.

The mesa-like alien base is 6.6 miles off the coast, lies at a depth of 2,000 feet, measures about 2.5 miles wide and is oval-shaped with a completely smooth top. It doesn’t look like it belongs there. Some call it the “Malibu anomaly.” 

Jimmy Church, host of “Fade to Black” on the Dark Matter Radio Network, released a video featuring nine images of the Malibu alien base, which has circulated widely on the Internet and been the topic of news stories. He and others theorize that the base might be a portal for spaceships to travel underground to other Earth locations. 

In the video, Church claims he and two others first discovered the alien base on Google Earth. “It’s the Holy Grail of UFO researchers and was found May 12,” he said, adding, “[Malibu] has been the hub of UFO activity for the past 40 years. The residents just pull up lawn chairs and watch the lights going in and out of the water all day long.” 

The “Coast to Coast” radio show, hosted by George Noory, interviewed former Malibu resident and UFO writer Robert Stanley on July 22. In reference to the alien base, Stanley said, “An old friend of mine, who’s retired military and lives in Malibu, has known about [the anomaly] for 10 years. He’s a ham radio operator and has been recording signals from that direction from his property for some time now... that shouldn’t be there.” 

Stanley remarked that the anomaly is “geometrically perfect and doesn’t look connected [to anything else.” He also offered another explanation for its presence. “The Chumash say at first people lived in a coastal valley right there and got flooded out about 12,000 years ago. At the end of the last ice age, sea levels rose [and covered it].” 

When the Huffington Post investigated the phenomena recently, they found a 2009 research paper by the Geological Society of America identifying the so-called alien base as “Sycamore Knoll.” Geologically, they say it’s a “thrust fault”—part of the fault system of Southern California. 

Growing up in Malibu near Zuma Beach, Stanley said he witnessed UFO activity more than a dozen times, including “submersible UFOs” that go underwater and come back out again. “Malibu is one of those locations - there’s a portal, I don’t know if it’s natural or artificial, like a hole in the sky, and UFOs can pop in and out. It alleviates the need for a full-blown base here.” 

Two Malibu listeners called the “Coast to Coast” radio show to relay their personal UFO experiences. “Neal” said he’s lived here for 55 years and described a UFO with a “beautiful red light” he saw one night in the Latigo Canyon area. “Then it hit a portal and it was just gone.” 

A listener calling herself Jessica talked about a lot of UFO activity in the Topanga Canyon area in the ’90s. “One night we saw one we called the mother ship. It was bigger than the house.” 

Stanley is passionate about discovering what he calls “megalithic monuments” in the Santa Monica Mountains. Believing Earth was visited by ancient aliens, Stanley has identified several local rock formations they built. One example is the “balance rock” at Circle X Ranch on National Park land. He lists that and other Malibu area “monuments” on his website “for people who want to reconnect with their ancient heritage.” 

In celebration of Malibu as the “new extraterrestrial capital of the world - eclipsing Roswell, New Mexico,” a press release on Aug. 6 from self-described “UFO Crusader” and director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, Michael Luckman, announced an “Alien Woodstock” event to “splash down near the underwater Malibu UFO base.” He hopes to “make direct contact with extraterrestrial visitors by using underwater speakers and lasers.” 

Although Luckman lists possible appearances by 25 celebrities and rock stars with alien or UFO connections, including Shirley MacLaine, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger, William Shatner and the Foo Fighters, apparently none have actually confirmed. He states that one of the concert sites under consideration is the Michael Landon Community Center, but no date is given. 

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Dr. Richard Beierle

The Perported Alien base at Point Dume is obviously an old moldering Hollywood movie set - it was not used to film the 1944 Wartime Thriller "National Velvet" that was filmed further north , although "Elizabeth "ET" Taylor" may have had a part i - it sort of resembles Her - Has anyone seen or know the name of the Movie? and where is She buried? - then on the other hand it may be a monument that Pharoh Tutankahamen had built in Her behalf - Him being a fan of Hers - they looked a lot alike if viewing Ancient Statues of the period - Very Ancient Egyptians were avid Time Travelers, it being easy then as Time had not yet been invented or even clocks - Elizabeth Loved Watches and gave them to Her friends? - it does resemble a nonsubducted geoide, carved as a monument to a Great Actress? - Swamp Gas, anyone?

hans, is that an "Uber" ufo? New tag on the app?

Hans Laetz

More UFO activity to report ... black helicopters ... zebras ... wine tasting ... Santa Monica Airport ... it's beginning to all make sense now ...

Suzanne Taylor

An intriguing story until I got to Mike Luckman. Anything he has his hand in suffers in credibility. Self-described indeed. Everything he puts out is made up. “Possible appearances…none have actually confirmed…under consideration…no date is given.” The reporter got it right to qualify Luckman’s pronouncements, but Luckman doesn’t deserve to be given any attention at all. For whistleblowing on him, see[sad]

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