Jane Seymour’s dedicated volunteers turn up on Halloween

Jane Seymour’s dedicated volunteers turn up on Halloween.

Longtime local Jane Seymour’s foundation spent Halloween raising awareness and lending a helping hand to The Volunteer Center based in the South Bay. Generous Jane’s daughter Katie and her children Willa and Luna took part in the center’s annual “Trunk and Treat” get-together that provides an estimated 12,000 meals for children and families in the area. The “Wedding Crashers” star recruited Young Hearts volunteers from her Open Hearts Foundation and helped the center restock its shelves and its clients restock their own. For the center, it was a very successful day and night, with 5,320 pounds of food donated from 57 cars as well as online donations.

Jane the Ultimate Multi-Tasker

As Goldie Hawn once said, in Tinseltown “There are only three ages for women: Babe, district attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy.”

Well, ageless Jane has been proving her wrong. At 67, she’s been working up an A-plus on her television series “B Positive.”

The Emmy-nominated CBS dramedy follows Drew, played by Thomas Middleditch, who is a newly divorced therapist in desperate need of a kidney. Drew rekindles his friendship with Gina, played by Annaleigh Ashford, who volunteers her kidney.

Jane joins in on the drama and laughs along with Ben Vereen and Hector Elizondo.

The 22-second opening sequence intercuts a series of quick clips with blips of famous musicals, synchronized swimmers, a diner car full of enthusiastic dancers and flashy costumes. And, according to chief program coordinating volunteer Jon Phelps, “We needed her [Jane’s] help and she really pulled through.” Next “B Positive” is hitting the bright lights of Old Broadway.

The new title sequence is being performed by its star, Tony Award winning Annaleigh Ashford.

So, grab your tickets and pass the popcorn. It would be interesting to see how the television version measures up to what you’ll find on stage. Either way, film fans and theater lovers now have a choice.

At the same time, Jane is running her tasty JS winery. JS stands for Jane Seymour, naturally. She learned to make her own wines with the help of Malibu’s best known wine grower, Jim Palmer. She treats herself to a glass of her own pinot after a long day of filming, volunteering, painting, acting, designing, working on her Open Hearts Foundation and making rings and necklaces for her Open Hearts jewelry line.  That’s a heavy workload and it’s hardly “Driving Miss Daisy.”


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Natalie Mann

Who wrote this PR dribble article her lackey son? Lol. And how come Jane herself couldn't be bothered to show up to this charity event?

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