Joni Mitchell’s landmark recording “Blue” has reached a milestone. The album, her fourth studio release, celebrated five decades at the end of last month.

The album features Mitchell classics like “This Flight Tonight,” “Carey,” “My Old Man” and “River.” 

She sings about her travels and then coming home to “California” (another classic track).

The masterwork is still loved by her fans who won’t be giving up their scratchy LPs anytime soon. 

It was just a few years later that a sudden brain aneurysm occurred and stilted Mitchell’s honey soft voice. Doctors said she would never walk again. It wasn’t the first time she’d heard that. She was diagnosed with polio at age nine; she was also told she might not walk again, but she set out to prove them wrong. Sixty-one years later in a similar situation, Mitchell was out to prove them wrong again. 

Today, Mitchell has recovered and even does “Joni’s Jam” with a group of musician friends like Chaka Khan and Herbie Hancock. It’s great fun, or as Mitchell likes to sing in Blue, “I could drink a case of you, and I would still be on my feet, I’d still be on my feet.” Congrats, Joni! 


More music notes

The force behind dozens of songs and hits, Elton John will be returning to Dodger Stadium this fall. It’s all part of his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” program and is said to be his final tour. You never know what to expect from Sir Elton, but expect favorites like “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer” and songs from “The Lion King.”

Will he get gussied up in baseball gear like his last visit to Dodger Stadium? It’s hard to tell, but in any case, expect something unusual and elaborate. Sir John will be playing Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 19 and 20, 2022. So get your tickets now.


On the symphony side

The Los Angeles Philharmonic has good news for two of its main players: Herbie Hancock and Bowl conductor Thomas Wilkins. Contract extensions were handed out for Hancock as the creative chair for jazz as well as Wilkins the principal conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Under Hancock’s guidance, he has offered jazz programing from around the world with artists like Christian McBride, Wayne Shorter, Quincy Jones, Bobby McFerrin and more. 

Wikins was also offered a two-year extension.

“I’m thrilled to continue collaborating with the LA Phil on jazz programing at the Hollywood Bowl, and Walt Disney Concert Hall,” Hancock said. Bravo!

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