I can’t remember where I was when time stopped; it was a “bigly” moment though... In my head, someone was singing and I began crawling; I know this... It was more of a nervous humming; as I recall... A clock’s alarm was going off; except that it was a gong sound; this is true... Where is everyone? The page is blank; I am all alone... I begin to suck my thumb and rock; no lies here... A cannonball splash is repeatedly heard; I begin counting... There may be gun shots, however; who is there to admit to it? ... My index finger begins pointing everywhere; not at me... A fine mist creeps over my vision; fade to orange-black... 

Weeping is all around me; where is it coming from?; no one to admit to it... Is this a dream or something much worse; I fear this and rightly so... Have all the souls left; who/what is still here? ... Certainly, I can’t be the last to find themselves sad; it may be so... 

Waiting, I hear some lyrical notes now and a speech and a scream for a last call to sanity: Try not to follow the hypnotic leaders of the new proselytizers walking a path of fire - to halt time permanently... 

—Carol Logan-Feikls 


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