Photo courtesy of Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigators are looking into the possibility that this morning's fatal two-car crash on Pacific Coast Highway was an intentional act by one of the drivers, according to a statement released by the Malibu/Lost Hills Station.

Two people were killed and another person had to be airlifted to the hospital in critical condition following a head-on collision at 12:42 a.m. in the westbound lanes of Pacific Coast Highway near the Zuma View Place intersection. According to a press release from Malibu/Lost Hills, witnesses reported the driver of a Saturn was moving in the wrong direction. The other vehicle in the crash was a Ford Mustang. The drivers of both vehicles were killed.

The names of the deceased are being withheld until the families can be notified. The survivor was identified as Jesus Saenz.

"Early indications are that the occupants of the Mustang were members of the U.S. Navy, based out of Port Hueneme," the press release stated.

One witness told investigators the Saturn nearly struck his vehicle head-on while moving on the wrong side of the road prior to hitting the Mustang. The witness estimated the Saturn's speed at 100 mph. Preliminary analysis by investigators of skid marks left by the Saturn show the speed was approximately 80 mph to 90 mph.

The Saturn caught on fire following the crash and was extinguished by Los Angeles County Fire.

Pacific Coast Highway was closed in both directions following the crash until 8:30 a.m. All lanes are now open.

Those who witnessed the incident should call the Sheriff's Station investigator at 818.878.5559.

- Jonathan Friedman

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Please post your propaganda elsewhere. A US Seabee died leaving behind a wife and soon to be born child. Another was lucky to survive. Both these gentleman have put their lives on the line for you all to defend your freedom so please give them the respect they deserve. This is an awful tragedy. As family we worry enough when our loved ones are away-when and whether they will make it out of Afghanistan alive, but for this to happen at home in the short time in between deployments that we have to reconnect is terrible. If you are familiar with the area Base Auto parts in Port Hueneme on Channel Islands is currently taking donations for the families of the Seabees involved. As for the gentleman who heard the crash and ran out to help-THANK YOU. You helped save the life of a Seabee and no words can describe how honorable that was. With people screaming at you to get back as they stood and watched the car burn you unknowingly helped save the life of a young man who puts his life on the line for you daily as a soldier. May God be with all the families involved as well as NMCB 40 as they deploy to Afghanistan.


HOW MANY Deaths Does it Take?How many people need to die?How many?How many before you put a toll here.Ladies and Gentlemen of the City Council. The good people of Malibu. Malibu is not the 1st sea side popular community on Gods Green Earth to deal with such problems.Where and when a community has had such problems, it has tolled the roads to act as a check for behavior (not Drunk) and hinderance to free flow. Any plumber can tell you about a Regulator - it Regulates flow.The question of putting a Toll Road -is not if-But When.So I pose this question:How many deaths does it take?How many people do you want dead?Before you will do something about it?Before you will get off your rears and do something about it?The city of Malibu has entrusted its elected leaders to represent them in their interests, especially in the safety of their children.Where and when this leadership is able to be demonstrated amongst those calling themselves leaders, someone, some John Thoroughgood is going to say. "Buddy, its time you acted like a leader." "You got all the perks of being leader, but you do not walk the talk."Big cities always get bigger. Its population always gets bigger. The date and time of when Malibu will install TOLL on its roads is not a question of if, but When. And the when question is with this: How many people have to die before the elect decide to act like leaders?


Unfortunately, we have seen an epidemic of moronic, distracted and entitled drivers who have no regard for others on the roadAs a Malibu resident since 1969, I have seen more than my share of fatal accidents on PCH, both before and after the CHP ended its patrols of our highway. Mr. Thompson's letter is hardly propaganda. The CHP is needed on our most heavily traveled road and the city of Malibu needs to do whatever it needs to do to make it happen. Period. Stop talking about it. Make it happen.


In response to the comment above me, your propaganda should be saved for another article that actually relates to what you are talking about. This wasn't your typical accident, therefore your point is irrelevant. Whether or not PCH was there, they couldn't have possibly foreseen or prevented this.My prayers go out for all the families that were affected by this sad incident.


In the light of today’s PCH slaughter it occurs to me that City Council candidate Matthew Katz had it right when he said the City should sell that white elephant Performing Arts Center and stop acquiring other real estate. Until we get the CHP back in here in force we need to pony up whatever public dollars are required to get control of the ultra-dangerous serpent coiled around Malibu’s heart: PCH. We have the right to demand full funding for a Sherriff cadre large enough and aggressive enough to do the job right. City Council, Jim Thorsen. Are you listening? One more time I ask: How many kids and travelers have to die on PCH before this city gets serious about public safety?

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