I am sick and tired of hearing all the misinformation spouted by the anti-vaxxers who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19. I heard that one young man insisted that the far left was injecting a chip in the vaccine so the Democrats would always know his whereabouts. Why anybody, let alone a Democrat, would want to know his whereabouts is beyond my comprehension. An acquaintance of mine who lives in Malibu also refuses to take the vaccine because “I have a great immune system and never get sick.” And so it goes.

I think it is high time for those of us who believe in the efficacy of vaccines to start spreading our own misinformation, so here goes:  I heard somewhere on the internet that a young man from Mississippi got a mild case of Covid with no symptoms except he can no longer rise to the occasion in a manly manner. (BREAKING NEWS-Men in Mississippi are now lining up to get the vaccine.)

I also heard on the internet where I get all the news that is not fit to print, that several men have testified that after their first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine, their sex life started to improve gradually. After their second shot, all hell broke loose, and their sexual appetite grew exponentially. Rather than wanting to make love occasionally, they can think of nothing else. They went on to say that their private parts were growing, and sex was never better.

I am confident that when this fake news hits the airways or whatever happens in today’s technology, the motivation to get vaccinated will increase beyond all expectations, and we can once again return to some semblance of normalcy.

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