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A Los Angeles cold case from the 1980s has finally gained some traction. Last month, Los Angeles police arrested a man for his connection to the 1980 murders of Teresa Broudreaux and her unborn child. Records indicate that Broudreaux disappeared one evening after leaving her sister’s home. She was found on a beach a few days later, having been beaten to death over the head. Police collected evidence from the scene but were unable to connect any suspects to the crime. Broudreaux’s husband remained the primary suspect until a recent break in the case.


DNA Evidence Used to Connect Man to Murder


In 2013, the case gained new traction when it was referred to a special Los Angeles police squad. The unit reviews and investigates unsolved crimes. The squad discovered the DNA evidence that had been collected by the investigating officers. The sample was run through a database and, to the unit’s surprise, matched an existing entry.


The DNA match, on its own, was not enough to make a case. However, it did open up new avenues for the investigation. The squad was able to interview new suspects and collect additional information. This allowed them to build a more substantial criminal case. As a result, Robert Yniguez was recently arrested for murdering Broudreaux.


Statute of Limitations for Los Angeles Crimes


A statute of limitations is basically a clock that begins to run when a crime is committed. The government is required to file charges against a suspect before the clock runs out. The government cannot bring criminal charges against a suspect if the statute of limitations has expired. The duration of the statute of limitations depends on the crime that is committed.


If there is a statute of limitations on a crime, how can a cold case be reopened? How can a murder that occurred 37 years ago still be investigated today? There are certain situations where a statute of limitations does not exist because there is no public interest in prohibiting criminal charges for certain crimes.


In Los Angeles, there is no statute of limitations for crimes that can be punished by life imprisonment or the death penalty. This means that there is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder. This is why Mr. Broudreaux was able to get some answers to the 37-year-old question of who killed his wife. Today, 37 years after his wife’s murder, he can still get justice.


The statute of limitations is an important part of the criminal justice system. It can help to ensure that criminal charges are filed within a reasonable timeframe. If you are accused of a crime in Los Angeles it is important to understand the statute of limitations that may apply to your case. Unless you are charged with a serious felony, criminal charges will likely have to be filed within a specified period of time. Speak with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to learn more. For more information, contact The Rodriguez Law Group by visiting

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