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(TACT) Finding the top generators on the market isn’t something that can really be accomplished just by heading down to your local high-street. Unfortunately, the high-street really hasn’t capitalized on the growing interest in these incredibly valuable machines.

So, where should you go if you want to buy a generator? Well, the good news is there are still plenty of options and I can help. Let’s look at some of the options you have when it comes to buying a generator in more detail.

Online Suppliers

Ideal For: All kinds of generator

Heading online is going to be the first port of call for many people when it comes to buying a generator and while you might find plenty of websites with generators for sale I would advise sticking with professional generator focused sites in most cases. There are plenty of generator specialists online who will offer a variety of different generators so whatever sort you are looking for you’ll be sure to find something.

 Camping/ Hiking Shops

Ideal For: Portable generators

 The high-street isn’t the best place to look for a generator as I mentioned earlier however if you have a camping or hiking shop nearby then it might be worth investigating. A portable generator is becoming an increasingly popular piece of equipment for camping trips so most high-quality camping/ hiking shops will offer portable generators.

 Your options will be more limited but if a portable generator is what you want they are worth checking. If you don’t have any local camping/ hiking shops you could also check websites as well you never know you might net yourself a bargain.

Caravanning/ RV Shops

Ideal For: Portable generators

Similar to camping and hiking shops if you have any local caravanning or RV shops then they will be a great place to check for portable generators. Portable generators are perfect for RV travel and caravanning so you will likely find a good selection of different portable generators available for sale. Caravanning/ RV websites are also a great place to check out as well.

Specialist Trade Shops

Ideal For: All kinds of generator

Trade shops and websites like ScrewFix to give just one example are often overlooked when it comes to generators but they are great places to check. The range available often won’t be as expansive as specialist generator focused websites but they might be a little cheaper. Trade websites are also worth checking if you don’t have any local shops nearby.

General Online Shops

Ideal For: All kinds of generator

General retail websites like Amazon do sell generators but what you find can vary wildly between site to site. Prices can vary wildly as well so don’t think you’ll get a bargain just by looking on more general retail websites.

However, second-hand websites and sales pages through social media can be a good way to get a bargain. But again what you find will vary and buying second-hand does come with some significant risks.


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