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Volunteers serve a picnic lunch to those attending a Malibu Homeless Connect Day in 2017.

The first Malibu Homeless Connect Day event of 2019 will be held at the old County Courthouse on Thursday, June 6, from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Organized by LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office, the event is typically attended by 60 or more individuals seeking services.

Homeless Connect Day provides those experiencing homelessness with the opportunity to sign up for a myriad of services under one roof—a “one-stop shop” for nearly 30 different services including health and medical services, social security, veterans services, legal assistance, veterinary services for pets, DMV, food stamps, affordable housing, jobs and many more. It would normally take a homeless individual several weeks to obtain all of these services going from office to office all over the city.

Every attendee will receive a free boxed lunch, hygiene kit and opportunity to take a shower.

Terry Davis of Malibu’s CART said they will be making a special effort to reach anyone made homeless by the Woolsey Fire. She wants them to know that they are welcome, and that special assistance will be available for them. 

“The Malibu Foundation, an organization serving those made homeless due to the fires, will be joining all our service providers to offer aid to this new population,” Davis wrote in an email to The Malibu Times.  

In a statement, a representative for the Venice-based St. Joseph Center, the volunteer coordinator for this Malibu event, said, “We’re looking for compassionate volunteers to act as guides as they help navigate and connect individuals experiencing homelessness to the services offered at the event. We ask that you arrive at 9:30 a.m. for a brief orientation and stay for the duration of the event.”

To volunteer for the Malibu event, please contact Reuben Vicente, outreach coordinator for St. Joseph Center, at 323.961.0499 or RVicente@stjosephctr.org. Other questions about the event can be directed to Tessa Charnofsky with the LA County Board of Supervisors at tcharnofsky@bos.lacounty.gov or 818.880.9416.

The courthouse is located next to the public library at 23525 Civic Center Way.

The event is sponsored by Malibu CART, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office, St. Joseph Center, The People Concern, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and the City of Malibu.

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