In response to the letter “Religious fallacy” published on Dec. 3

Mr. McCarthy’s use of Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, New York v. Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York (592 U.S. (2020) to support his conclusion “their [“the Five Roman Catholic justices comprising the court majority”] ultimate goal is to impose their Catholic values on the 80 percent of us who are not Catholic” is disingenuous at best. One only need read the first sentence of the second paragraph of the opinion to learn “this emergency application and another, Agudath Israel of America, et al. v. Cuomo, No. 20A90, present the same issue, and this opinion addresses both cases.” Every reference in the opinion to a church is coupled with a reference to a synagogue. I am neither a practicing Catholic nor do I observe the Jewish faith, but what I am is tired of people cherry-picking facts to mislead the public. Facts matter. I beg your readers to read the opinion to determine where in fact the fallacy lies. 

Mr. McCarthy, in response to your opinion, I respectfully dissent.

Ashley St. Johns

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