On Monday, May 6, we were having a coffee outside at Starbucks by Ralphs when we heard this very loud flapping noise from the rafters. We looked up to see a mother pigeon hanging by her foot, which was impaled by the spikes in the rafters. The spikes are there to prevent birds from nesting; however, this pigeon had succeeded in nesting and was mothering two chicks. 

We went over to the Becker Surfboards store. Mitch (a true hero) brought a ladder over and freed the bird. After realizing that there were two chicks in the nest, he gave them to us and we took them over to Malibu Vet clinic. We called the wildlife rescue and because they were not native pigeons, they would not take them. They told us this after we left the birds at the vet, so we don’t know what happened to them. 

Starbucks was very helpful, giving us a box to put them in.

We feel that the shopping center should remove the spikes to prevent this from happening again.

Cliff Waeschle

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