Are you kidding me? Did you see how disgusting the highway was when this group was homesteading between Topanga Canyon and Coastline Drive on PCH? It was horrendous: The filth, urinating and defecating on the sides of the roads. Crime went up in the area. Views of the coast were hindered. 

By whom? Homeless that could care less about the community, the safety of the residents and the children. 

Also, let your council members realize the residents of Malibu are hard working citizens who have achieved success through hard work and drive. It has given them the opportunity to live in a unique, exclusive neighborhood. But it comes at a high price. Real estate is in the highest percentage in the state with accompanying high taxes and costs of living. 

Why let people who pay nothing live in a community that has been built by the extremely hardest workers in the state? If the members of the council are feeling remorse for their good fortunes and feel they need to give back to the less fortunate, OK, let’s create a fund to house these less fortunate in an area more conducive to their civil contributions and to be fair to the local residents. Buy some land in the desert on the outskirts of Palmdale or Lancaster and build an infrastructure for them, through city fees for new construction and other means. There are already enough homeless and mentally unstable people walking the streets of Malibu.

Really? Let’s add more!

It’s getting out of control. The filth is disgusting and the added dangers to the community are not being taken seriously by our community leaders.

Wake up!

Jay Sundher

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