We’ve been a city now for just over 25 years and this is the first city council I can recall that has ever intentionally turned its back on Malibu’s kids. In a straight “No nothing ever, any time, anywhere” party line vote, the recently elected slate of Skylar Peak, Rick Mullen and Jefferson Wagner did what they’ve been threatening to do and decided that Malibu had enough baseball fields and soccer fields and community centers (if we had one) and swimming pools (if we had one of those also) and skate board park (which they want to put somewhere else but don’t hold your breath). After all, why do all these kids need sports to participate in and keep them occupied when we live in a town with such a plethora of rehab centers and sober living facilities they can use when the need arises?

Little League

In what I can only describe as a case of rampant environmental extremism, they not only slammed the door shut, but they refused to even allow an EIR; I suspect they feared it might possibly chang someone’s mind. Then, to be doubly sure that no child could be seen enjoying themselves, the goddess of coastal purity, Sara Wan herself, appeared at the hearing and permitted her husband Larry Wan who, incidentally, was our second Malibu mayor, to speak and tell the gathered brethren that what they had proposed to do couldn’t be done because it would require some intrusion into coastal ESHA and that’s all prohibited in our Local Coastal Plan (LCP). The LCP coincidentally was written at the behest of Sara Wan when she was a power on the Coastal Commission, before she got kicked off, and rammed through all the required hoops, to make sure the citizens of Malibu had no say in what we did with our land. But that’s all ancient history now.

To a certain extent, what happened was not surprising. At a council meeting where you might expect dozens of kids and their parents, Little Leaguers, AYSO teams, their coaches and friends all to show up and protest, there was almost none of that. So, I guess they didn’t care that much and maybe Council Member Rick Mullen was right when he said they had enough fields.

So, if anyone out there is listening, and cares at all, I’d like to hear from you. But remember, silence means you don’t care and you’re happy with this state of affairs, so if that’s the way you feel then just say nothing and do nothing. For those of you who may have some ambitions to sit on some future city council, don’t show up two months before the election and claim you’re really concerned. Now’s the time to take action and speak up. Not long after it’s too late.

There is another big issue in the wings, and that is our becoming our own school district. If we don’t show some spunk and fight and willingness to go to the limit for what we want as a community, like parks and ball fields, then why would anyone believe we’re willing to support our own school district, so why bother? After all, there are plenty of good private schools around.

Where are tomorrow’s leaders who care?

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Michael Prockiw

Arnold ,

I attended that council meeting with my three young children and there were families there but like last time when dozens of families showed up to support this , the council pushed the discussion to the end of the night when they knew all the families would fade out ... its despicable! I sat there with my little ones for 2 1/2 hours . It was a school night of course . Skylar Peak is a big wuss and wants nothing good for our kids . I feel sad for his kids . Clearly he doesn't want better for them . Clearly his kids don't play ball or utilize our dilapidated Bluffs Park amenities from the 1970's ! Who doesn't want better for their community ? Jay and Waggoner don't either . We have so much money here and yet we lack most community amenities. Look at the pathetic Legacy Park for example . Talk about a waste of space ! The council is afraid if we build something nice more will come . Well you made legacy park and you did bring more , homeless people that is ! Why dont Peak , Mullen and Waggoner do something about THAT?! My kids can't even go to the library and utilize those facilities because there are dozens of homeless bathing in the restrooms and hanging out on the computers all day while we pay for it ! This is what's become of our town ?! It's sad . I wish Carl Randall had won the election ! He wouldn't have let us down he would have made this a better place to live for all Malibuites !!!! He is for families !

bill wilson

Well look, you've got a recently formed city like Malibu... formed on the premise that suburban culture and amenities should stay in the suburbs, while country-style living would remain the primary stewardship of rural Malibu. So why move there, raise kids, then expect that things like suburban mini-malls and baseball diamonds should follow you to rural coast and mountains ? Such demands and expectations are out of place.

pamela conley ulich

Arnold - it's important to note that over the past several years all of the Malibu mothers who stepped up to run for office to serve Malibu and to be a voice for kids have lost - - - June, Laureen and Jennifer. I believe our City would be better if it could be balanced with both men and women.
Why? Women's brains are rewired after they have children according to many clinical studies and we think about children and the future. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/01/what-happens-to-a-womans-brain-when-she-becomes-a-mother/384179/
I hope more Moms will consider running. I am here to help and welcome them to join the Occupy Malibu movement which was born on Mother's Day this year.

Sharon Synder

Why is everyone surprised by this - it's a shame yes. But they openly stated this during their political campaign and Malibu Times (yes you Arnold) endorsed 2 of the 3. Other candidates were/are more aligned with kids but the City choice the 3 amigos. Just like America with Trump we must face the political bad decisions of our elected officials. They didn't hide the fact they were against the park. Carl and the two girls were in favor of the park but Malibu voted and the kids lost.

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