Last week you viciously attacked the Malibu Township Council “which purports to be an organization” and is “controlled by Steve Uhring” for requesting public documents which we believe we have the right to review. This letter was also signed by other respected local organizations including America Unites for Kids, Malibu Unites, The Local Malibu, The Malibu Community Alliance and Preserve Malibu, which you conveniently ignored.

If The Malibu Times cared about the facts you would have noted that the Malibu Township Council was formed in 1946 and has been active in protecting Malibu from your developer sponsors for over 75 years. The membership of the Malibu Township Council has included such diverse members as ex mayors Sharon Barovsky and Walt Keller, to name a few. Its mission has been to protect the special environment and lifestyle which is Malibu from the type of greedy opportunistic developers and politicians you support. We have fought off large housing tracts in the mountains, a nuclear plant, a freeway offshore, subdivision of Malibu for 165,000 people, sewers, a harbor in the lagoon, offshore oil drilling and we’re largely responsible for the formation of the City of Malibu. Now it appears your sponsors want to turn Malibu into a motel/hotel for visitors with no regard for the peace and quiet of its citizens. We continue the fight and are currently in a seven-year lawsuit with the city trying to force transparency in our government and stop back room deals. Transparency is important to Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring but they are not alone in their effort to provide clean governance for Malibu.

We just hopefully ended a period of fake news nationally and it appears we need to attack the problem locally. Please provide the citizens of Malibu with reliable information in the future.

Richard Lawrence

Malibu Township Council President

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Sharon Sharp

Fighting sewers in Malibu is not something you should be proud of. The septic systems should have been replaced with sewers many years ago. And, property owners were assessed for a sewer system that was never installed, never receiving a refund.

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