After 37 years of serving the Malibu community, the Coral Beach Cantina and Zooma Sushi are being forced out of business. We have been through many fires, floods, road closures, power outages, torrential rains and mudslides, but never faced the prospect of closing our doors permanently. We have served the community faithfully, but also have understood the importance of giving back to all first responders, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, lifeguards and California Highway Patrol officers for the entire 37-year period with deep discounts on all meals. The countless experiences with people from all walks of life, from the most gifted celebrities to the homeless, have made our time in Malibu so intensely rewarding. No matter what the future holds for us, we are deeply grateful and appreciative to all of Malibu.

After the Woolsey Fire, we were severely impacted, seeking the cooperation of the landlord. Over the months that followed, we went back and forth with him. The bottom line is that we expressed our clear intention to stay and continue in our existing locations but, unfortunately, the landlord has rejected our pleas to stay. We implored him to consider not just the businesses, but the fate of all 35 employees.

The fact remains that our loyal employees will be facing the prospect of unemployment. Needless to say, many have small homes and numerous financial obligations. Some of the employees like Pastor, Mario and Memo have been with us for the entire 37-year period and come from central LA each day on public transportation.

We truly love the magnificent beauty, bold spirit and warmth of the Malibu community. The prospect of closing our doors is very painful thought. Please show your support for us by contacting Ed Niles at or write letters to The Malibu Times expressing your opinion on the prospect of two more small businesses closing down in Malibu.

An abundance of thanks to all.

Peter Andrew Soli

Owner, Coral Beach Cantina/Zooma Sushi

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