In response to “Agoura residents mobilize with hopes to scale down planned construction” published on May 23

Thank you for your recent article about the Agoura Village development along Kanan Road in Agoura Hills. The developers of AVE (Agoura Village East) repeatedly have accused us of misrepresenting the height of their project. In fact, the photo in question was carefully and honorably created. We anticipated scrutiny and knew the photo had to be above reproach. The photo clearly depicts a 10-foot pole that is replicated three times, totaling a height of 40 feet, which does not even reach the 45 foot height of the rooftops that will exist on that section of Agoura Road. (Contact me through our website,, and I will mail or email you a close-up copy of the photo.)

As for traffic safety, we are all living in a post-Woolsey Fire reality. There’s been a consciousness shift. This project was conceived according to rules that prioritized commerce over safety. The developers are still focused on preserving a pre-Woolsey vision. The rest of us are trying to figure out how have an Agoura Village that is fair to the developers yet does not look like Ventura Boulevard and, most importantly, does not place the entire area and the surrounding communities served by Kanan Road at risk. 

This is not about being at war with the developers. It’s about finding something that everyone can live with, and moving forward. 

Rae Greulich

Protectors and Residents in the Santa Monica Mountains (PRISMM)

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