With summer fast approaching, the beaches are a popular destination for many—including plastics. If no change regarding plastic production and consumption is made, the ocean will house more plastic products than fish. Imagine taking a dip in the ocean to find heaps of plastic swimming with you or taking your shoes off to enjoy the sand and feeling a plastic bag instead.

It is baffling to think about how much plastic America alone uses. Take one day to notice all the plastic you and those around you use. Ninety-one percent of all plastic does not get recycled. It leaches into the ocean and infiltrates the landscape. We have all heard the stories about sea animals getting caught in plastic or washing up with pounds of it in their stomachs. This summer, be mindful about plastic consumption. Ask for no straw, save food in reusable containers, use mesh produce bags, and replace as much plastic as possible. Yes, in our current society some plastic is unavoidable. But personal effort matters more than anything today. Be conscientious of plastics this summer and help our beloved beaches thrive.

Kaylyn Riddell

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