In Washington there is a man who has many degrees

Without his help this Nation, would soon be on its knees.

He is the voice of reason, all backed up by the facts

Because his wisdom he did share, we’re not all on our backs.

This Doctor we are blessed to have will lead us through the mire

And we must show our gratitude, which should be our desire.

His calming voice and influence is much appreciated

There are others in our midst who cannot be satiated.

This man with such great knowledge, whose influence is gold

Can predict with certain confidence what the future will behold.

Doctor Anthony Fauci, we are forever in your debt,

And with my very last dollar it’s on you I will surely bet.

My family and friends, our community at large

Are more than grateful, because we have you in charge.

This Nation will celebrate one day, and you must cut the cake

you are one fantastic Physician, the Lord did help to make.

I’m sure our God did watch over the long journey that you made

So you could be here and now, these United States to save.

Wake up each day from now on, knowing how grateful we all are

With these closing words I must report, you are a Super Star.

Dermot Stoker

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