I wish to voice my shock and dismay at receiving the letter in the mail from the Together for Dwelling Size Fairness Team. I have a modest home in the amount of approximately 2,700 square feet in Point Dume. The TDSF proposal would downsize it to 1,800 square feet. 

What is the reasoning for this insanity? We have been through so much in the last six months since the fire, and this complete slap in the face comes in our mail as though this would be anything that you, as our representatives, would possibly contemplate. 

This doesn’t resemble a de-mansionization proposal: It represents a total destruction of property values and a complete violation of our private property rights. I implore you, as a citizen of Malibu for over 40 years, to absolutely disapprove of this ridiculous and unfair proposal. 

Kim Collen-Ross

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