In response to “Agoura residents mobilize with hopes to scale down planned construction” published on May 23

As creator of the Agoura Village “story pole” used to develop the image Mr. Collett describes as a “cartoon drawing,” I am puzzled. The pole I constructed is 10 feet tall. The 10-foot image was duplicated three times to simulate the height of the two 45-foot buildings proposed for Agoura Road. Implying that our work was doctored to appear “80-foot tall” does not further discussion. (Data posted on Agoura Hills website; visit for reference links and the image.)

This “cartoon” was—in lieu of much-needed story poles—a sincere attempt to understand the visual impact of two three-story buildings sited on Agoura Road. In reality, this “cartoon” minimizes the total visual impact of this development. While I have enjoyed the panoramic views of the Santa Monica Mountains for 30 years, it seems the only ones who will fully enjoy views in the future will be guests at the three-story tall “luxury boutique hotel” and Collett himself from offices to be built at the back of the project, with breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Mountains. 

How odd that a project described on as “inspired by small mountain towns and European villages” block mountain views. Would Switzerland do this?

I met Mr. Collett’s partner, Mr. Mellman, at the information meeting and offered to meet him on Agoura Road, bring the actual story pole and recreate this simulation. The offer is still open and Mr. Collett is invited. Coffee’s on me. 

Mike George

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