In response to “Affluent oppose effluent,” published on April 11

Don’t you find it strange in this day of virtually everyone in Malibu having a high-end camera on their person that no one provided you visual proof of these alleged dumping violations?

I surf our beaches regularly at first light and, although I see many motorhomes, I have never observed a sewage hose. I suspect our whistleblowing, unnamed resident is a liar and has a different self-serving agenda he is seeking to advance. I can offer further evidence of his and the lies of others in your article by refuting that they were allegedly told by the L.A. County sheriffs that there was nothing they can do. The sheriffs are well aware of California Penal Code 374.3. 

The only truth I find in this article are the quotes from Caltrans District 7 Public Information Officer Marc Bischoff and L.A. County Sheriff Lieutenant Jennifer Seetoo. It’s unfortunate their truth is buried at the end of the article. This piece is worthy only of the National Enquirer

Mestengo G. Hidalgo

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