I am so thankful to Mike at Duke’s Malibu, and Gabe, and Universal Waste Systems, Inc. and their crews who helped out in this morning’s wonderful E-Waste, Clothing Drop Off & Mulch / Compost event held in the Duke’s parking lot!  

The fresh compost and mulch was being delivered as I pulled in and, for someone who likes to dig in the dirt, it smelled like loamy heaven. The gentleman before me got his trash cans filled to the brim. I rolled in with a cardboard box and a plastic bucket—but now I know the drill!

I unloaded 20 years’ of cell phones and old computers and kissed a beloved coffee maker goodbye. I also took advantage of going through kids’ jackets and releasing ones they just don’t wear or have grown out of. What a great morning to get so much accomplished!

Never in our 20-plus years of living in Sunset Mesa can I recall a citywide event being held on this end of town. Woohoo! I saw friends who live up Las Flores, and across from La Costa, and we were all just so happy!  

Dukes and UWS had a table out with lots of great freebies, Hawaiian coffee and everyone was handed a coupon for $10 off at the restaurant as they were leaving! My dream of owning one of their Mai Tai glasses is closer than ever!  

I hope Mike and Gabe will hold another one of these fabulous events this summer like they mentioned they might. And, the only improvement I can think of... free samples of hula pie!

Also, huge kudos to Duke’s for implementing a program where they now donate the leftovers from their brunches to feed the hungry! Double woohoo!

Kristin Kohn

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