I accept the fact the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals wants California to treat public defecation and rampant homelessness just like Calcutta, India. What I don’t understand is how our local and state officials are now allowing “car ranching,” especially along the PCH. The RV owners who are now making permanent homes along the coast are not “unsheltered” people. Most of them are simply freeloaders who don’t want to pay property taxes or campsite fees. Twice in the past week I tried to access the promenade at Zuma Beach but my usual access point was blocked by a huge trailer attached to an equally large pickup. The occupants, who were barbequing steaks on a grill, obviously couldn’t care less about the rights of others.

Living in Malibu is a privilege, but for us suckers paying five-figure property taxes it’s now clear that privilege can be absolutely free to anyone clever enough to game our increasingly dysfunctional system of toothless law enforcement and court-sponsored chaos.

Austin Hardy

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